Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Clean out those closets!!!!
Get a Fresh full view of pieces you already have that are Spring time ready....

I am all for getting rid of clothes I haven't worn in over a year, but I have had many regrets with every quick giveaway. Because nothing really goes out of style when you know how to style the perfect look.

Some items to keep:

1. Denim!!! Because you can always cut them into the hottest fashion shorts, cool rip them, age them, or cuff roll them for a completely Fresh & in style look

2. Leather!!! If fitted is in & your leather jacket is boxy, you can still create a current look by slimming your bottom down for a boyfriend jacket look. Make sure to pair with a nice high or platform heel.

3. Boots!!! Ok, it's all in the heel. Some boots clearly can show their age or style by those heels. Stilletto heel boots may not be your year round boot of choice. A Cowgirl boot is ALWAYS a keeper!!! They wear well year round and with shorts, skirts, & jeans.